Different ways of consuming apps

Depending on the use case and available software/hardware, there are different options to consume your Neptune Apps.

sap edition consuming apps1

These ways are not mutually exclusive.  Users can consume their apps from different devices and browsers at the same time.

Offline data in Desktop Windows environments

There are scenarios where offline cached data is needed but without the extra features and complexity of a mobile client app.

In these cases, Progressive Web App (PWA) is an excellent option.

Supported Browsers and OS for Offline Applications

sap edition consuming apps2

Once in Chrome click on the menu, More tools →  Add to desktop…​

sap edition consuming apps3

Give a name to the new icon, tick Open as window and click on  Add

sap edition consuming apps4

A new icon will be created on your desktop

sap edition consuming apps5

Clicking on it will open your Launchpad/App in a window, hiding all the browser toolbars.