First Launchpad


Create a simple launchpad with one tile that opens an application


In this cookbook, you’ll learn how to deploy a Neptune application to the Neptune Launchpad. The goal of the cookbook is to create all the needed artifact with a minimal amount of configration. You’ll create a tile. Add an application to the tile. Add the tile to a tilegroup and add the tilegroup to a launchpad.




Open the Tile service in the Neptune Cockpit first launchpad 1

Add new tile first launchpad 2

Add title and click the create button first launchpad 3

Open the "Open Action" tab and set action type to Application and choose an application. You can select the NEPTUNE_FLIGHT app if you don’t have one of your own. first launchpad 4


Open the Cockpit Tilegroup service and add a new Tilegroup first launchpad 5

first launchpad 6

Open the Tiles tab and add your new tile first launchpad 7


Open the Cockpit Launchpad service and add a new Launchpad first launchpad 8

first launchpad 9

Go into edit mode and open the Tilegroups tab, add your new Tilegroup first launchpad 10

Done, you’ve now created all you need to deploy your Hello World Neptune Application to the Hello World Neptune Launchpad. Click the "Run" button and enjoy your work :)

first launchpad 11

first launchpad 12

first launchpad 13