Translate Cockpit Objects

Translation lets you translate cockpit objects like Launchpad, Mobile Client, Tile and Group in your preferred language or languages.

You can translate cockpit objects in more than 40 languages.

You can also import and export .csv file with translated objects from the 'Translation' transaction.

translate overview


Select the action you want to perform. Translate lets you translate selected cockpit objects. Import lets you import a .csv file from the system.



translate language

Select the preferred one or multiple languages from the list, this will enable the 'Objects' tab.


translate objects

Select the launchpads, Mobile Clients, Tile and Group objects that need to be translated.


Click on translation after selecting the upper mentioned objects. Here you will see the list of all selected objects field with the actual value and translated value.

translate translation
Google Translate Selected

Click to Google Translate selected to translate all the object fields in selected languages.

Save Selected translations

Click to save the translations.

Import or export selected translations

theme import

Import the file which needs to be translated.

translate import1
Google translate selected

Click on 'Google translate selected' button for translation of field values.

Save selected translates

Change the translated values if required and save the changes with 'Save selected translations'.

Export selected translations

Export the translated file to the local system.