Update custom UI5 theme

This guide describes how to update your custom UI5 themes to a newer UI5 version.

If a Neptune Launchpad Layout is based on one of your own custom UI5 themes built with the SAP UI Theme Designer, the custom theme works best if it runs using the same UI5 version it was built on. If you, for example, have a custom UI5 theme with a SAP Quartz base theme on UI5 1.71, your theme can be used running any UI5 version above UI5 1.71. But if you start using a newer UI5 version, like for example 1.108, your custom theme built on 1.71 might not show all controls correctly.

You should either create new UI5 themes from scratch based on the new cool SAP Horizon base themes or import your old theme into the SAP UI Theme Designer and export it again.


  • If you still have the UI5 custom theme .zip file, you can use that.

  • You can also download the custom theme .zip file from the Neptune Cockpit Theme Import service:

    1. Open the SAP UI Theme Designer and choose the new desired UI5 version.

    2. Import your custom theme and confirm that you would like to upgrade it to the new UI5 version.

    3. Export the theme and import it into the Neptune Cockpit Theme Import service.