Neptune DXP 23.10.0004 Changelog

February 26, 2024

Mobile Client & PWA

Offline View Load

Loading applications in mobile clients and PWA would require an online network. Offline cached applications view would not be loaded.

App Designer

Default Theme

The theme requirement has been removed. An app with no theme set will run with the default theme defined by the UI5 version:

  • UI5 1.71: Quartz Light

  • UI5 1.108: Horizon Morning

  • UI5 1.120: Horizon Morning

Building Block Display

Previewing building blocks will now be done using a JS view generated from the building block instead of an HTML file displayed in an iFrame. Many building blocks are not created to be used as a stand-alone app. So, adding them to a parent object will make it possible to render many more building blocks in the preview.

Select with setInitLoad=online

If a select had Model Source or Domain set and the setInitLoad set to true, the corresponding getOnline call would not be fired at startup.


ModelData.Convert* Functions

The ModelData.Convert* functions have been deprecated. Instead, equivalent neptune.Utils.Convert* functions should be used. The deprecated ModelData functions did not return the result from the new functions.


Style Load

Style CSS added to applications are loaded inline when applications are running as a view loaded with AppCache.Load. If multiple views were loaded into the same parent app, only the last loaded application would get its style created.