Neptune DXP 23.10.0001 Changelog

December 15, 2023

JSON Serialization

Serialization (20187)

When using two levels of nested includes in an ABAP structure with a group name, the JSON serialization in an API, built with the API Designer, could have failed leading to a dump.

App Designer

Wizard Formatters (20501)

In the App Designer, formatters will be added dynamically when a property is bound. When binding properties to forms, tables, etc. using the Wizard, formatters were not added right away. A reload of the app in the App Designer was needed to get the formatters added for all the bound properties.

Code Snippets

The available code snippets in the App Designer have been updated with more snippets, especially Javascript snippets. A bug preventing the linking to external code snippet documentation has been fixed.

Unified Calendar

When instantiating the unified calendar in UI5 1.120, the calendar module has to be required first. The Neptune ABAP server has been updated to fix this.

Scripts could get truncated (20464)

When using the Web App Designer and copying Javascript code from a source that had an EndOfLine Setting to be LineFeed (LF) it could have happened that the script code was not saved correctly in the Neptune DXP tables as the new logic expects a CarriageReturnLineFeed (CRLF) EndOfLine setting in the new Monaco Editor. This led to corrupted Javascript code that got truncated after 255 Characters. We now statically set CRLF as EndOfLine for all Monaco Models created in the Web App Designer. So the Monaco Editor will handle EndOfLine always as CRLF.

UI5 Version

Choosing a theme in the Web App Designer would truncate the UI5 minor version to 2 digits. UI5 1.108 would be displayed as 1.10.

TNT & Business Suite Icons

TNT & Business Suite icons can now be selected in the icon explorer in the App Designer. The minimum requirements for local UI5 versions are 1.71.60 or higher, 1.108.25 or higher, and 1.120.1 or higher.

23.10.0001 app designer icons


Hash Navigation

The Neptune Launchpad uses semantic objects in all navigation. This ensures that browser history can be used to navigate and allow users to bookmark any resource in the launchpad. The hash navigation has been further improved to handle edge cases like linking to nested launchpad sections and loading external URLs.

Back Button (20450,20495)

The launchpad back button is displayed more frequently. When navigating between screens and sections (tile groups and sub tile groups), the back button can now be used to navigate back to the previous screen/section/app. A bug causing a console error in some scenarios has been fixed. When opening a launchpad with a hash navigation that opens an app directly, the back button would not navigate back to the home screen.

Home Button

The logo in the top left corner acts as a home button. The first click on the home button will now go directly to the home screen. Now that the back button will be displayed when navigating between screens and sections, the home button can act more as a dedicated home button.

CSRF (20487)

If you have CSRF protection enabled on a launchpad the /neptune/native/fetch_csrf call did not respond with a content-type. This could have led to unexpected issues in Firewalls or other scenarios. Now we do send the correct response type (text/plain).

TNT & Business Suite Icons

The TNT & Business Suite icons are now loaded into the icon pool at startup. (The minimum requirements for local UI5 versions are 1.71.60 or higher, 1.108.25 or higher, and 1.120.1 or higher.)

Mobile Client

Okta Authentication (20398)

Correction for automatic reload after session has expired.

abapGit Integration

Neptune DXP - SAP Edition 23.10.0001 will require version 1.0.1 of the Neptune abapGit Extension for the integration with abapGit to work properly. You can download Neptune abapGit Extension version 1.0.1 here.

Custom UI5 Controls

Custom UI5 Control Content (20453)

Fixed a bug where content added to Custom UI5 Controls would not be added to the object.