Create an adaptive application based on a server script

Using server scripts as data source in Adaptive Designer provides more flexibility. You can connect to any data source integrating an API into your server script. To build an adaptive application based on a server script, actually two server scripts are required to create a server script that can be connected to Adaptive Designer:

  • One script providing the metadata that fills the component library with application components.

  • One script providing the runtime, when the adaptive application triggers the data call.


  • You have created and published the required server script in the Connector service.


  1. In the shell bar, open the Application drop-down menu.

  2. Go to Create.

  3. Name your adaptive application.

  4. Choose the adaptive template for your adaptive application.

  5. In the field Connector, choose your server script.


  • You have created an adaptive application based on a server script.