Configure the layout of your launchpad

In this topic, you learn how to configure the layout of your launchpad. You can have more than one layout style.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Launchpad.

    Result: The table of existing launchpads open.

  2. Click Add.

    Result: The settings of the launchpad open in the General tab.

  3. Go to the Layout tab.

  4. Click Add to add a new layout style to your launchpad.

  5. Configure the layout style:

    • You can select a custom Theme

      launchpad presets
    • You to style different parts of your launchpad:

      • Page

      • Top Menu

      • Sidebars (Main menu & Settings menu)

      • Tile Group

      • Blocked Button

      • Blackout Button

    • You can customize the styling of the launchpad when running on Mobile

      launchpad mobile layout
    • You can add custom CSS to your launchpad:

      • Custom Stylesheet

        launchpad custom stylesheet
  6. Click Save to see a live preview in the right pane.


  • You have configured the layout of your launchpad.

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