App Builder

The App Builder is a tool that lets you create applications without any coding skills for both SAP and Open Edition users.

It is easy to use tool with its drag-and-drop features. You can build complex applications effortlessly using its intuitive interface.

app builder main

It enables the seamless collaboration of business users and IT specialists. Also, it facilitates effective collaboration between business users and IT specialists. With its intuitive interface, both individuals with innovative ideas and those with technical expertise can easily contribute and participate in the development process.

Key features of our App Builder include:

Design Thinking

Leverage the power of design thinking to understand user needs, explore solutions, and create impactful user experiences.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly transform concepts into interactive prototypes, allowing you to gather valuable feedback and iterate on your designs.

Frontend Development

Seamlessly translate your prototypes into fully functional frontend applications, without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Fusion Teams

Collaborate in fusion teams, where business users and IT specialists work hand in hand, ensuring that the end product aligns with both technical requirements and business objectives.


The App Builder is specifically designed as a No-Code tool, making it accessible and user-friendly. By incorporating gamification elements and AI assistance, users can quickly grasp and become proficient in using the tool, even with minimal prior experience.

Learn more about the App Builder and its features by watching the following video:

Visit Neptune DXP Portal for more documentation regarding the App Builder.