Modify data in GitHub from a Package

In this topic, you learn how to see the difference between your instance package and the GitHub package.

When working with Development Packages the Neptune DXP database acts as the working tree. “View modified files” will display changes between the selected branch and the database. When all added/modified/deleted files have been pushed to the repository the database/working tree should be clean. “View modified files” should show no changes.
development package modify workingtreeempty



  1. When artifacts are assigned to the package they should show up as “added” files when pressing “View modified files”.

    EG: Below an application have been assigned to the package “com.neptune.testpackage”. Applications are added as multiple files, one file for the application definition and one file for each script in the application. Only applications and server scripts are added as multiple files, all other artifacts are only a single definition file.

    development package modify window
  2. Clicking added/modified/deleted files in this dialog will show the diff between the database and the selected branch.

  3. Artifact data can now easily be pushed to the repository. However, when working on the same repository from different application servers/databases merging changes must be done outside of Neptune DXP.


  • You now understand how to view the difference between the Neptune instance and the data in GitHub for a selected package.