Install Neptune DXP - Open Edition into Oracle Cloud

In this topic, you learn how to install Neptune DXP - Open Edition into the Oracle Cloud instance of Neptune. The following guide explains the necessary steps for Linux.



  1. Open a console in the directory where you want to store the installation files.

  2. Connect to the Oracle instance via SSH by typing the following:

    username@host:~$ ssh
  3. Enter your passphrase.

    You are now connected to the system.

  4. Install Neptune DXP - Open Edition by typing the following:

    wget "" -O planet9-linux

    The installation starts and reports back when finished.

  5. Make the installation file executable by typing the following:

    chmod +x planet9-linux
  6. To start Neptune DXP - Open Edition, type the following:



  • Neptune DXP - Open Edition is running on the Oracle loud.

Next steps

As soon as you disconnect from your SSH session, the instance stops because the parent that started it no longer exists.