Use case

Let’s show a practical example of utilising Rules Engine on Neptune DXP - Open Edition for your No-code Application.

In this use case, we will use a HR_employee data to determine Employees who would be promoted based on some rules we setup.

Create the Rules

  1. Set up a rule

    rules engine create example
  2. Create attributes for the rule

    rules engine attributes example
    Ensure that the attribute name matches the name of the table column you want to use it for.
  3. Create a rule with conditions

    rules engine condition example
    Conditions in a group functions as an AND operation. The result is true if all the conditions are true.
  4. Test your rule.

    rules engine test example
    Test with sample data to be sure your conditions are producing the right result.

Use in No-Code Application

Add rules to List- template Application on the Adaptive Designer

  1. Add the desired columns to the table

    rules engine list app image1
    See how to set up an Adaptive List app
  2. Select the column you want to format

    rules engine list app image2
  3. On the right of the panel, under the value tab, select Rules engine as the source

  4. Then, select the Rules you have created.

  5. Click save.

    rules engine list app image3

    Result:It automatically evaluates the data on your table (attributes on the Rules engine) against the conditions you have in place and show the results in the selected column