Map user of Neptune DXP - Open Edition and user of SAP

In this topic, you learn how to let the SAP system know how to draw the connection between a user coming from Neptune DXP - Open Edition and a SAP user.


There are two ways to proceed:

Using CERTRULE transaction

This step is for SAP systems using CERTRULE.

  1. Go to the SAP documentation and follow the procedure described there.

Create implicit manual mapping

This step is only for SAP systems with a KERNAL that does not support CERTRULE, or for certificates without a rule.

  1. In your SAP system, open the table "USREXTID".

    You need to add a record in this table for every user who wants to access SAP from Neptune DXP - Open Edition.
  2. In the field External ID type, change the value to DN.

  3. In the field External ID, enter the value for each user certificate.

    This remains the same for all values except for the CN value, which includes the email address.
  4. In User, you have to map the SAP username of the person to the certificate.


  • You have mapped users of Neptune DXP - Open Edition to users of a SAP system.

    For the massive inclusion of records, we recommend creating an ABAP program that does this addition automatically. For example, you can schedule a job to add new users daily.