Create an adaptive application based on a table definition

Using table definitions as data source in Adaptive Designer requires no code for you to get started. The table metadata such as heading, columns, and so on is automatically imported into the component library.


  • You have created a table definition in the Table Definition tool.

  • You have published the table definition in the Connector tool.


  1. From the Adaptive Designer dialog, click New.

    adaptive designer dialog create
  2. Name your adaptive application.

  3. Choose the adaptive template for your adaptive application.

  4. In the field Connector, choose your connector.


    The Connector button will open the application’s selected connector, or the Connector list, if no connector is selected.

  5. Assign your adaptive application to a package.

    adaptive designer dialog create app
  6. Click Save.


  • You have created an adaptive application based on a table definition.