Create a virtual machine

In this topic, you learn how to create a virtual machine on the Azure portal.


  • You have a SSH key pair. See here for more information.

  • You have a valid Microsoft Azure account.


  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal.

  2. Click Create a resource.

    azure vm resource
  3. Click Ubuntu Server.

    Result: The free trial page opens. You can select a free trial for 30 days or a subscription.

  4. Click Project details > Basics. Make sure to select the correct subscription.

    azure resource group
  5. Click Resource group > Create new.

    Result: A new window opens.

  6. Add a name for the resource group and Click OK.

  7. Click Instance details.

    1. Add the name for the virtual machine.

    2. Select the region closest to your users.

    3. Set the memory and CPU size according to your requirements. The minimum requirement for Neptune DXP - Open Edition is 2vcpus with 4 GB memory.

    4. You can leave the other parameters at default value.

      azure instance details
  8. Click Administrator Account.

    1. As Authentication type, select SSH public key.

    2. Enter your username.

    3. Paste your public SSH key into the text box.

      Remove any leading or trailing white space in your public key.
      administrator account azure
  9. Click Inbound Port Rules.

    1. In Public inbound ports, select Allow selected ports.

    2. In Select inbound ports, select SSH (22) and HTTP (80).

      inbound port rules
  10. Leave the remaining entries to their default values. Click Review + create at the bottom of the page.

  11. Click Create a virtual machine.

    1. Check the configurations of your virtual machine.

    2. Click Create.


  • You have created your virtual machine. This process may take a few minutes.