Import a development package from Git

In this topic, you learn how to import a new development package from a remote Git repository.


  • There are no prerequisites.


  1. In the Cockpit, go to Development and click Development Package.

    Result: The table of packages opens.

  2. Click Import.

    Result: The Import dialog opens.

  3. Enter the URL of the repository. (EG:

  4. Optionally: Specify a ref(branch/tag/commit) to import. If no ref is specified, the default branch will be imported. For example: package import git ref

  5. If it is a private repository, click Configure authentication to set your personal authentication to the remote repository.

    Result: The Authentication dialog opens.

    1. For authentication type Basic, enter your Username and Password.

    2. For authentication types GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab, enter your personal access Token.

  6. Close both dialogs with Ok.

  7. Click Save.

It is important to address that you cannot export development packages through the Development Package tool. However, you can export a deployment package from Deployment Transfer which can contain a development package and can then be imported in Deployment Log.


  • You have imported a development package from a remote Git repository.

  • You can view of the Log tab to see all the components and their import status.

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