System requirements

The system requirements for Neptune DXP - Open Edition are moderate. Mainly, it depends on the number of users working with Neptune DXP - Open Edition. You can adjust the servers as the load grows, or consider server capacity beforehand. For example, if you have around 50 users, you can start with 2 servers: One Neptune DXP - Open Edition frontend server and one Neptune DXP - Open Edition database server with 8 GB RAM each.


Neptune DXP - Open Edition can be installed on the following servers:

  • Linux

  • OSX

  • Windows

  • Raspberry Pi

Client browser

Neptune DXP - Open Edition runs in following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11

  • Google Chrome: latest version

  • Microsoft Edge: latest version

  • Mozilla Firefox: latest version

Client mobile app

Neptune DXP - Open Edition runs on the following mobile operating systems:

  • iOS, version 7 or higher

  • Android, version 4.3 or higher

  • Windows phone is supported as of Windows 10 mobile

  • Windows is supported as of Windows 10


  • EDGE is the minimum requirement.

  • If the client allows it, compression is used. The Neptune server will compress 50 MB to 1 MB physically transferred (for 100% JSON text data).