media library Media Library

In the Media Library, you store all media files that you want to integrate into your application or use in other services.

You can use the Media Library to organize folders by file type. To improve searchability, only store media files in a folder that corresponds to their own file type. For example, do not store images in a folder called "videos".

The Media Library supports the following media files:

  • Images

  • Audio files

  • Videos

  • Splash screens

  • Icons

  • Documents

  • Code Snippets

Organize files in the Media Library

  • You can organize the files using the following toolbar functions:

    media library organize
    • (1) Delete the marked file.

    • (2) Edit the name of the marked file.

    • (3) Add a new folder to the media library.

    • (4) Collapse the marked folder group.

    • (5) Expand the marked folder group.

  • You can also perform the following tasks:

    • Delete the file by clicking the Delete button on the right.

media library delete file
  • Copy the link address of the file by clicking the Link button on the left. This enables you to link to the file from other services.

media library files