Copy an app from an existing app

In this topic you learn how to make a copy from an existing application. You copy applications, for example, to create applications with similar or shared functionalities.


  • You have installed Neptune DXP - Open Edition.

  • You have the developer role assigned.

  • You have an application you want to copy. This can be an application you created, imported or found in the store.


  1. Open the Cockpit. In Development, click App Designer.

  2. In the App Designer, open the Application drop-down menu and click Open.

    If you have opened an application you recently copied you can open it directly from the list at the bottom of the applications drop-down menu.
    appdesigner application lastusedapps
  3. In the Applications pop-up window, click the application you want to open. If you want to open an application you created before, click Mine to show only your applications.

    Result: The App Designer opens the application that you want to copy.

  4. In the App Designer, open the Application drop-down menu and click Copy.

    appdesigner newapp copyapp

    Result: The New App dialog opens.

    Copy from is prefilled with the name of the application that you opened in the App Designer. Type and Package are prefilled according to the settings from the original application.

  5. In Name, enter a name for the new application.

  6. In Package, select the package the new application belongs to, if not already prefilled correctly.

  7. Click Save.


  • You have created a copy of an existing application.