Producing a build

In this topic, you learn how to produce a mobile build.


  • You have configured your mobile client.


  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Mobile Client.

    Result: The table of existing mobile clients open.

  2. Click your mobile client.

    Result: The settings of the mobile client open in the Build tab.

  3. Press Add.

  4. Enter a meaningful Description.

  5. Add your Release Notes.

  6. Select the type of Version.

    Each time you add a build to your Mobile Client, the version increments automatically. If you desire a different versio
  7. Press Save and wait for the build to finish.

  8. Select the latest build you added, click on Files and download your build which is in .zip.


If you need to modify files and perform custom development tasks, instead of creating another build from the Mobile Client with your changes, you can follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the file.

  2. Navigate to the files you want to modify.

  3. After making your changes, re-zip all the content.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can upload your .zip file to the corresponding build in the Build section:

  1. Choose your desired build.

  2. Select the Files option.

  3. Click on Upload.

  4. Finally, press Save.

By following this process, you will have your customized .zip file saved in your Mobile Client.


Now you have achieved to produce a build which is ready to be used in the Neptune Mobile Build Service.