Cockpit tools

At the top of the Cockpit, you can find a selection of the following unique tiles:

  • System Information provides license and update information.

  • Marketplace Featured Products lets you configure the number of shown items in the drop-down menu.

cockpit components marketplaceConfig


Here you can find a full overview of all the Cockpit tools, with a short summary of their functionality. These are grouped and ordered in the same way as you will find within the Development Cockpit itself.


In the Development tool group, you find the services you need to build your own applications.


In the Design tool group, you find the services you need to give your application the right look and feel, along with tooling to create emails and PDFs with dynamic content.

The following services are available:


In the Connectivity group, you find services to create, test, and maintain APIs, oData sources and Connectors.


In the Administration tool group, you find services to maintain and launch your applications via Tiles, Tile Groups and Launchpads.

  • Application Management: Available applications in the system

  • Tile: Maintain tiles, assign actions and role-based access

  • Tile Group: Maintain groups of tiles and role-based access

  • Launchpad: Create, configure, and maintain Launchpads

  • Mobile Client: Create, configure, and download Cordova Mobile Client zip builds

  • Mobile Debug: Enable mobile debugging and view logs for applications and users

  • Tile Blackout: Block tiles within Launchpads from being used during maintenance

  • Favorite Management: Manage favourite tiles of users

  • Translation: Translate artifacts, tiles, and tile groups


In the Monitoring tool group, you find services to maintain and monitor locks and logs generated by the system or by the users.


In the Tools tool group, you find the Table tools, job management tools and the ability to configure Events.

  • Job Manage: Create and manage background jobs that run server scripts

  • Job Log: View background job history and status

  • Table Definition: Create and maintain database tables, according to the database setup of the instance

  • Table Browser: View and maintain table data

  • Events: Create events to trigger actions


In the Testing tool group, you find tools that check if your code is working as expected.

  • Test Unit: Create unit tests to be used in test plans

  • Test Plan: Manage and schedule test plans

  • Test Run: Take snapshot of the Test Plan and run all test units


In the Deployment tool group, you find services that let you deploy your Neptune DXP instance artifacts to other systems.


In the Security tool group, you manage users, groups, roles, authentications, certificates, and monitor cockpit activities.


In the Workflow tool group, you can design, build, run, and manage workflows that include User Tasks and Script Tasks.

  • Overview: View all workflow statuses and re-run approver determination (set up in Subsitution)

  • Definition: Define your workflow processes

  • Task Action: Create action flags for user tasks

  • Approvers: Create and manage lists of approvers and the paired workflow action flags

  • Substitution: Create a substitution for an approver for a given time period


In the Settings tool group, you configure and customize system properties to operate in your server environment.

  • System Settings: Core system settings, changes will be applied with next system restart

  • Custom Settings: Custom system settings, no restart required