Custom cockpit tiles

You can now mark Tiles and Tile Groups to be visible in the Cockpit. Tiles must be part of a tile group to be visible. Both the Tile and Tile group need the "Cockpit Tile" and "Cockpit Tile Group" settings enabled to display. Both these settings are available within the General tab, under General within each respective tool.

Here you can see the Tile tool interface with the setting disabled.

Custom Cockpit Tile off

And here it is enabled:

Custom Cockpit Tile on

Less menu items are present when using the tile as a Cockpit tile. No Sidepanel, Documentation or Translation tabs are visible.

It is possible to still use Roles within the tile or tile group to enable access control to the cockpit tiles.

A number of properties are required when configuring a custom Cockpit tile.

Under general → Title and Description.

Under the Navigation tab, the Sematic Object and Action must be configured:

Custom Cockpit Tile semanticInfoRequired

Custom Cockpit Tile semanticInfoFilled

This is required as it is used within the browser, when opening the Cockpit tile, to navigate to it within the Cockpit container.

For example: '/cockpit#run-tile' is set in the URL when the above tile is clicked in the Cockpit.

An Icon or Image is also required:

Custom Cockpit Tile IconOrImageRequired

It is possible to configure the Color, Width and Height of the Tile within the Layout section.

It is possible to set an application to run on top of the tile, and to be opened when the tile is clicked. (The same as within a Launchpad)

Setting the Type of the Tile, within General → Type, to 'Application' enables you to select the application to run on top of the tile.

Using the Action tab, you can define the type of application to open when the Cockpit tile is pressed.

Supported Events

Cockpit Tiles/Tile Groups support a subset of the features currently available in the Launchpad.

Custom Cockpit tiles support these events:

  • beforeClose

  • beforeHome

  • beforeDisplay

  • onInit

Meaning any applications running within the Cockpit Tile can utilise these events.

You can find these events within the Code Snippets. (These can be accessed within the right-click menu within any script context)

Apps in Custom Cockpit Tiles can use AppCache.Load to load other applications in parent objects or dialogues, they should, and must in the case of dialogues, pass an appGUID (i.e. ModelData.genID()) parameter