Add actions to your tile

In this topic, you learn how to add further actions to your tile.



The configuration options depend on the Type you choose.
  1. In the Action section, you decide what type the additional action on your tile is.

    Adaptive Framework

    Choose an adaptive framework that is stored in the system.


    Select a Remote system to which you want to log in. Choose an Application you want to run there.

    Tile Group

    Enter a tile group that should open.


    Enter a URL that can be clicked.

    Web application

    Select an App Editor application.

  2. In Remote System, select a remote system which you have already defined in Remote Systems.

  3. In How to Open, you can select how the application should open. It is by default to open the application in a new tab.

  4. Click Save.


  • You have configured further actions of your tile.