table definition iconTable Definition

With Table Definition, you create and maintain database tables.

A table definition contains a table schema definition and metadata describing the table. Metadata are, for example, data types and data properties. You can add new table definitions or import them.

After you create a table definition, you can use the Table Browser tool to add and view data.

Ways to add data

You can manage and work with your data on the platform using the following methods:

  1. API Designer : Define a table API and interact with tables, within the Adaptive Designer, or within the App Designer, or programmatically via any external API method, for example Postman.

  2. Script Editor : Perform advanced queries within a script and manipulate data.

  3. Connector : Access and interact with tables within the Adaptive Designer, or within the App Designer.

  4. Table Browser : Manually add data, as well as view and edit existing records.

You can use the generate button to convert your table into a Connector or API.

Keys and indices

Neptune DXP - Open Edition supports both unique and foreign keys and the use of indices in database tables. When crafting a table definition in a database, you can link tables via foreign keys to ensure data relationships. Also, you can flag certain columns as Unique to prevent duplicates in those columns.

You can add indices to individual columns. When you work with large tables, assigning indices to columns makes searching for data records in that column faster.