Naia is the Neptune AI Assistant designed to seamlessly integrate with the Neptune DXP. Naia’s primary purpose is to enhance productivity for both our customers and our team. Naia can be accessed through various platform apps, including Cockpit, App Designer, Script Editor, Adaptive Designer, and more.

Naia automates the most common development patterns and tasks, enabling developer teams to focus on value-adding activities.

Automations for no-code and low-code include capabilities such as code optimization, UI generation, graphs and building apps.

Naia is available in Neptune DXP - Open Edition and Neptune DXP - SAP Edition in the Cockpit, App Designer, Script Editor, Email Template, and Translation tools.

What does Naia offer?

Naia offers a range of features to streamline your workflow and provide valuable assistance:

Chat with Naia

Ask all things Neptune, get help, how to do things, documentation, blogs, marketplace, and so on.

UI Assisted Development

Describe what changes you need to do to your app and Naia will generate it for you.

Fiori Import & Export

Seamlessly import and export Fiori views.

Generate Any Chart

Naia incorporates AI-driven graph capabilities, providing you with intuitive visual representations of data, processes, and workflows.

Code CoPilot

Select the code you need assistance with and Naia can improve it.

Data Mockup

Easily create data mockups and prototypes to visualize your application’s structure and functionality, in the App Designer and PDF Designer.

Connect API

Choose an API, and Naia can set it up for you. Either create just an API, or select a Table/List to connect the API straight to those components.

Templates, Application Building Blocks & Layouts

Access a library of pre-built templates, application building blocks and layouts to expedite development, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your projects.

Templates are available at the root level of your application. Application building blocks are available within an 'app' component, or other subcomponents of your application. Layouts are available within 'page' components.

Change Type & Attributes

Select one or more components to change their type, or common attributes.