Connect your account

In this topic, you learn how to connect the subaccount you created with Neptune DXP - Open Edition.



  1. Install the Command Line Interface (CLI) for Cloud Foundry (cf).

    You can find the installation file for macOS, Windows, and Linux here: Downloads.
  2. Follow the installation guide here.

  3. Go to the Business Technology Platform (BTP).

  4. Go to the Overview page of your subaccount.

  5. Copy the API Endpoint link.

    sap btp cockpit overview
  6. Open a terminal. Enter the following command and replace API Endpoint with the link you copied:

    cf login -a API Endpoint
  7. Enter your login credentials to the SAP BTP. Check if the Org name and Space name match with the details of your SAP subaccount.

  8. Enter the following command and replace App Name with the name of your app in Neptune DXP - Open Edition:

    cf push neptune_dxp -m 4096M -k 4096M --no-start --random-route --docker-image
    This command will push the Neptune DXP Docker container to the Cloud Foundry Runtime Environment. It will set the memory size and disk size to 4 Gigabyte. With the option –-random-route a random route will be assigned to the application ensuring no conflicts with similar applications in the same region will occur. With the option –no-start we ensure the application is not started yet.
    While deploying, your command prompt or terminal shows an error message. You can ignore this error and continue following the steps. If your command prompt or terminal stays in a loop, press Ctrl+C to break it.
  9. Before starting the application, you need to set a User Environment Variable with the following command:

    cf set-env neptune_dxp PLANET9_IP
  10. Start the application with the following command:

    cf start neptune_dxp
  11. After the application is started go to your Subaccount Space and check that the application is started.

    sap btp app start
  12. In Application Routes, click on the link. You are forwarded to the login page of Neptune DXP - Open Edition.

  13. Sign in with the Username admin and the Password admin.

    sap btp neptune dxp open edition login
  14. After login, it is recommended to change the admin password.


  • You have set up the SAP BTP subaccount and connected to Neptune DXP - Open Edition.