monitoring system logs icon System Logs

With System Logs, you can monitor all logs generated by the system. Logs are generated for all system errors, warnings, process messages, and user locks due to failed login attempts from known users. Each log entry includes the date and time, level, version, and log message. Server script logs also include the script.

Types of log entries

  • General system logs

  • Server script logs

Levels of log entries


Logs generated due to the success of the event to give some information


Logs generated due to warnings


Logs generated due to the failure of events


Logs generated to enable debugging


Logs generated due to complex events


Logs generated due to critical system errors


Logs each system call, action, variable, extra information, and so on. Silly level is recommended for troubleshooting.

Filter log entries

You can filter the log entries by date and time, status, message and script.

View log entry details

You can view the log details by clicking on the icon next to the Version column.

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