Cockpit settings

Open the Cockpit settings by clicking on your username in the top right corner in the shell bar.

In the Cockpit and most tools, you see Cockpit settings and code editor settings. In editor tools, for example, the App Designer and the Script Editor, you only see code editor settings.

You can change the following parameters:



Choose between light and dark mode. Changes are applied instantly.

Place Cockpit action buttons to the left

Activate to move action buttons, for example, add or start, to the left side of your interface. By default, they are placed on the right side. This setting is not available in editors.

Navigation List
  • Expand by default

  • Expand on hover

  • Display application recommendations


Application recommendations display in the bottom left of the Cockpit when certain applications are opened, to recommend similar ones


These will only display when favourite tools are configured for the user.

  • Show Favourites Tile

    • Shows at the top of the Cockpit

cockpit settings favouriteTile
  • Show Favourites as group

    • Shows above all other groups, at the top of the Cockpit

cockpit settings favouriteGroup

Code Editor

Font size

Set the font size. Available sizes are 12-18 px.

Font Family

Only available in editors. Enter a font family.

Font Ligature

Check or uncheck to enable ligatures in text.

Word wrap

Decide if there is a scroll bar in editors when a code line gets too long or if it stops at a predefined line. Available properties are:

  • Off: There is no word wrap. The scroll bar adjusts to your screen size.

  • On: There is no scroll bar. Wrap depends on the pane width.

  • Word wrap column: There is a fixed width. If the length of the text exceed your screen size, a scroll bar appears.

  • Bounded: There is the same width as with Word wrap column but the text wraps when the pane width of your screen size fall below this width.

Show Folding Controls

Decide how you want to see folding controls for code sections, for example, for loops or if statements.Always shows them permanently, Mouse over shows them only when hovering over the gap between line numbers and code.

Scroll Beyond Last Line

Activate to enable scrolling beyond the last line of code, without empty lines. This only applies when the code is longer than the pane length.

Enable Minimap

Activate to show a miniature version of the code in the script editing pane. Use the minimap to see where you are in the code.

Format On Paste

Check or uncheck.

Format on Type

Check or uncheck.

Change Password

Click to open a new dialog where you can set a new password.