Component properties

The component pane consists of two stacked panes: the UI object pane and the properties pane.

app designer user interface properties

In the App Designer object properties, you can edit components you have selected in the application tree. The UI object pane shows basic properties, such as name, description or paths to connected resources.

In the properties pane, you define the component in detail. Select from predefined values, enter new values, bind data from resources, or add scripts to events.

An example of a sap.m.Title

app designer object pane

You can access relevant information and documentation about the component by clicking the icon next to its title.

Component settings

The setting will give you the following options to enable or disable:

Hide attributes not supported by current UI5 version

Keep in mind that you have the option to change the UI5 version in the main Settings of your application. Consequently, certain components may lack support for specific attributes or properties, and these will not be displayed in the component pane.

Enable properties mini apps

This feature allows certain properties of a component to be displayed in a more user-friendly format for improved readability.

app designer miniapps on
Figure 1. Enabled
app designer miniapps off
Figure 2. Disabled
If you right-click on edited values for Attributes, Properties, Formatter, or Events, a pop-up will appear to allow you to reset them to their default values.