Add resources to the Master Page

In this step, you add data resources to your application. The data is later displayed on the Master Page.


The following steps use the component tree from the component library to navigate to components. Instead of using the component tree you can also search for the component in the search field above the component library.
  1. On the component library, open Resources and drag and drop the RestAPI component onto Resources in the application tree.

  2. On the component library, drag and drop the MultiModel component onto Resources in the application tree.

  3. Click on the RestAPI component.

  4. On the UI object pane, click the Rest API field to open the Rest API library.

  5. Search either your API or SAP Example API (Training).

  6. Click on the operation /CustomerList with the GET Method.

    appdesigner restapi library popup sapexample
  7. On the properties pane, open the API tab > Response > 200.

  8. Click the field that matches the operation of your API and select oMultiModel from the list.

  9. On the Model tab, click the setInitLoad field and select online from the list.

  10. On the application tree, click oMultiModel.

  11. On the UI object pane, click the Model Source field and, on the Binding pop-up window, select a Property from your API. In our example, that is /getCustomerListResponse.


  • You have added an API to the application and bound the data to the MultiModel component.