Add definitions and properties

Definitions let you define how an API response looks like. To simplify the work when you integrate data from an API into an application, create a definition for each possible response the API gives.

In this task, you learn how to add a definition to an external API manually. With many APIs, you can import definitions or derive definitions from sample requests instead. Learn more.


  1. Navigate to the Definitions tab and click + to add a definition.

    api designer add definition

  2. Enter a Name, for example, Films, and Description.

  3. Navigate to the Properties tab and click + Add.

    api designer add properties

    Result: The API Designer adds a new line to specify a property.

  4. For each property, enter a Name that indicates what kind of information the property holds, for example, title, episode_id, producer, and characters.

  5. Select the allowed Type for the property.

    If you select Array or Object, go to the Actions column and click + to add sub-properties to the property.
  6. Enter a Description.

  7. If you want the property to be mandatory, activate the Required box.

  8. Click Save.

If you used the example data in this topic, your properties look like this:

api designer external example

Additionally: You can use the JSON Import functionality to import definitions from JSON:

api designer JSON Import


  • You have added a definition and corresponding properties to an external API.