Add resources to a script

You can import the following resources in your script:

  • APIs

  • Tables

  • Globals

  • Modules



  1. Browse the Reusable component pane for the resource you want to add to your script. For APIs, you can only add a single API and no group of APIs.

    script editor resources
  2. Drag and drop the resource you want to add to your script. The background color of the script becomes dark blue if it is possible to add the resource there.

    Result: A new dialog opens.

    Make sure your script is in editing mode. There should be an open-lock-symbol next to your script in the Application component pane.
  3. Enter a context name for your resource. You can keep the existing one or choose a new one.

  4. Click Apply.


  • You have added a resource to your script and can reference it in the code.