One of the product categories provided within the Neptune DXP Marketplace is the add-ons. An add-on is intended to be extra tooling or functionality that can be installed on top of the core of the Neptune DXP.

By providing add-ons through the Neptune DXP Marketplace, the installation process is dissociated from the Neptune DXP update cycle, rendering it possible to install and update Add-ons as required.

Current add-ons provided by the Neptune DXP Marketplace:

add ons list of add ons

One noteworthy add-on is the Neptune Forms solution, which facilitates data collection activities for businesses, encompassing inspections, checklists, and audits. Leveraging this solution, businesses can expedite their digital initiatives and streamline their data collection endeavors. Additionally, all Add-ons are currently available free of charge.

Once installed from the Neptune DXP Marketplace, a new Tile Group will be created containing all artifacts and will be placed in the Cockpit.

Always check for instructions and documentation which is contained in the Add-on. For example, when installing an add-on, it might be required to add an included role to given users in order to view and utilize the add-on. Also, Add-ons integrate into the Neptune DXP - Open Edition cockpit. This is made possible with the introduction of Cockpit Tiles and Cockpit Tile Groups, allowing you to place any app in the cockpit.