Side navigation

The side navigation displays navigation structures with up to two levels that link to different pages. It consists of two parts:

Main navigation section

The Upper part of the side navigation containing links to pages in the user’s current work context.

Utility section

The Lower part of the side navigation contains links to additional information, such as communities or documentation.

app designer user interface side navigation

Main navigation section

The App Designer main navigation section links to the following pages:


Configure your existing applications and adjust the following application settings:

  • General application settings, such as the Description, Title, and Type.

  • Open UI5 settings, such as Version and Theme.

  • Code completion settings

  • Properties

  • Roles

Read more at Application Settings


Create and edit your application. This is the start page that opens when you start the App Designer.


Translate your applications using the integrated translation API. More at Translations

Version Management

Manage different versions of your files. More at Version Management

Utility section

The App Designer utility section links to the following additional information:

Neptune Community

Find the latest product updates, documentation, technical support, blogs, and e-learning material.

OpenUI5 homepage

Find the documentation on OpenUI5 components, API reference, and samples.