Configure an application with a SplitApp template

The SplitApp template is the base for an app with a general Page (Detail Page) and a Master Page.

The Detail Page shows information in its entirety. The Master Page is a collapsible page that is designed to show key information and help navigate through entries of a data table. You can adapt the Master Page to hold any other information to fit your application.


  • You have the developer role assigned.


  1. Open the Cockpit of your Neptune DXP - Open Edition and click App Designer.

  2. In the App Designer, open the Application drop-down menu and click Create.

  3. In the New App dialog, enter a Name of your choice.

  4. Under Type, select Application.

  5. From the Templates pane, select the SplitApp template and click Save.

    appdesigner template splitapp html

    Result: You see the main designer environment, now with an HTML document consisting of a Shell, an App and two Page components with additional subcomponents. Here, you perform front-end coding. The Master and Detail pages define the two sides of the SplitApp.

  6. On the side navigation, click the Settings icon.

    appdesigner side menu settings

    Result: The Application Settings window opens.

  7. In General, enter a Description for your application and a Title to use as the name of the browser tab you will run the application in.

  8. Under OpenUI5, select an Open UI5 Version, Theme, and Language for your application.

    The preselected Belize theme gives you the most popular look and feel.
  9. On the shell bar, click Save.

    appdesigner top side menu save
You will start using the App Designer to create an application. To learn more about the panes and functionalities of the App Designer check out the App Designer interface at a glance.


  • You have configured your application.