Workflow editor at a glance

The workflow editor interface consists of the following elements:

workflow editor at a glance

The workflow editor interface consists of the following elements:

workflow editor at a glance components


A task is an activity executed by a script or a user.

Script task

A script task is used when you want the system to execute a server script. This could be used, for example, to process an input from the workflow context and store the output as a variable. In the component properties pane, you define the following properties for a server script:


Name of the script task.


Description of the script task.

Server script

Server script that is stored in the system and that is executed during the workflow.

Example server script
// Get Data from Workflow, object number/type, value, currency etc.;

// Set processing true/false - Use 'True' or 'False'.
wfData.result = 'False';

Remember you can right-click → Code Snippets in the Script Editor to find more information around the code available to utilise within scripts, when the script is used in a Script Task:

Workflow editor at a glance codesnippets

User task

A user task is used when you want a user of your system to execute a certain activity. This could be used, for example, to approve an order or invoice.


Name of the user task.


Description of the user task.

Max Processing time
This property is not implemented.
Inbox Application

Application where the user receives notifications to perform a task. Default is the Universal Inbox widget in the launchpad.

Approver Determination

Select the approver for the user task.

Task Action

Selection of the task action for the user task.

Custom Script Determination

It runs a script in the background that can be used to add approvers with custom logic. E.g.

The script will receive the following data.

wfData = {
    objectKey: runtime.objectKey,
    objectType: runtime.objectType,
    amount: runtime.amount,
    currency: runtime.currency,
    approvers: "Array of approvers from other determination"

// In the script you can dynamically add more approvers.

// or by adding a role or group id.
wfData.approvers.push({orgId: 'role or group id'})

When the script has executed approvers added to the approvers array will be included in the workflow runtime.

Enable Forward

Allow the approver to forward the task. See here for more information.

Enable Query

Allow the approver to send a query. See here for more information.

Enable Notification

If selected you must also select an email template. An email is sent to approvers when assigned a workflow/user task. You can pipe the following variables in the email template with {=variableName}

    title: wfDef.title,
    subTitle: wfDef.subTitle,
    taskName: task.title,
    taskDescription: task.subTitle,
    objectKey: wfRuntime.objectKey,
    objectType: wfRuntime.objectType,
    amount: wfRuntime.amount,
    currency: wfRuntime.currency,
Task Notification

Select the notification which need to be sent with the user task.

Sender eMail

Email address from which the user task is sent.

User action

Actions for a user to perform during a script task or a user task.


The user approves the task.


The user rejects the task.


The user saves the state of the workflow. The "save" node behaves the same as the accept/reject nodes. If it is present following a user task, an additional button with the label you specify in the task is rendered in the wf inbox app.

Within the Universal Workflow Inbox, only action buttons for the User Actions that are connected to the User Task will be visible for the user to press. EG: If only the Approve node is connected to the User Task, only the Approve button will be visible within the Workflow Inbox.
Each user action can then connect to a different script task to perform associated logic.

Script action

Result for a server script during a script task.


If the server script fails.


If the server script succeeds.


Events to mark the end of a workflow.


Event to cancel the workflow if it has failed.


Event to complete and close the workflow if it has succeeded.