script editor Script Editor

The Script Editor is a tool designed to create server-side scripts within Neptune DXP - Open Edition. These scripts are executed in a Node.js runtime environment, either as a separate process or as a global process that runs continuously in memory. The Script Editor allows you to leverage various resources such as APIs, Tables, Global scripts, and NPM Modules.

The primary purpose of scripts is to extend the functionality of your instance beyond its standard configurations. They enable you to automate processes, add new features, integrate your instance with external applications, and more. When records and tables are accessed or modified, server scripts execute on the server and can alter the appearance or behavior of the service.

There are specific scenarios where using server scripts becomes essential. Firstly, when you have time-consuming calculations that could potentially block the user interface, it is recommended to offload these calculations to server scripts. By doing so, you ensure a smooth user experience without any UI freezes. Additionally, if you need to access sensitive information that you do not want to send to the client due to security concerns or because the data size is too large, server scripts provide a secure and efficient way to handle such scenarios.