tile group icon Tile Group

With Tile Group, you can maintain groups of tiles and define role-based access. Tile groups include several tiles and are displayed on the launchpad. You have to bundle tiles into tile groups to make them appear on the launchpad. Tiles can only appear on the launchpad if they are part of a tile group.

Role-based tile groups

You can assign one or more roles to a tile group to restrict access to specific user groups. Only users with the same role can see tiles that belong to this tile group. Roles assigned to a tile group also apply to its tiles. You do not need to assign roles to individual tiles.

tile group role tile

Users who share a role with the tile group have access to the applications of that tile group. They can also browse through a tile group library from their launchpad and select the applications that they want to display on the start page of their launchpad.