theme designer icon Theme Designer

With the Theme Designer, you can create application themes for use in the Launchpad and the App Designer.

By defining custom CSS, you can change the color scheme, fonts, or background of your application. You can also add a logo. Depending on the UI client and UI framework, you can select, modify, and use themes.

Basics of theming


A theme defines the visual appearance of an application, including font size and type, colors of UI controls or background images. It can be applied to an application to suit the purpose, topic, or tastes of different users.

Custom theme

A custom theme is a new theme adapted from a standard theme of Neptune DXP - Open Edition. It includes changes desired by a customer, the changed parameters are stored in the custom theme.

Since custom themes only store the custom changes, future updates to the base themes will propagate to the custom theme parameters that have not been changed.

Key features

  • UI-based theme customization

  • Cross-technology theming: Create a consistent theme that can apply to a client and an application

  • Changes immediately apply to all applications and launchpads connected to the theme

  • Manual CSS editing