License, Emailing, Password tab

In these tabs, you enter the license key, make email settings, and set up password rules.


To activate your license, enter the license key that you received from Neptune. After you have entered the license key, all fields will be filled in automatically.

Allow Anonymous access

Check to enable launchpad anonymous access. You also must check Enable Anonymous access in the launchpad settings.

If you cannot enable anonymous access, contact the Neptune sales department for a new license.


To get notification emails, make the following entries:


Choose one of the available providers from the drop-down or add a custom provider.


Enter the hostname of the SMTP server.


Enter the port of the SMTP server.

Use pool

Check to use the pool for connections.


Check to protect the content accessible by the other entities.

Allow self-signed certificates

Check to accept untrusted emailing connections

From Address

Enter a from address email. All emails will be sent from this address.


You can authenticate to SMTP servers using OpenID Connect(OAuth2)

If the Type is Basic:

  1. Enter a username.

  2. Enter the password.

  3. Test the connection.

If the Type is OpenID Connect:

  1. Enter an authentication provider.

  2. Click login.

  3. Test the connection.

Next steps