Translate artifacts in a tile or tile group

In this topic, you learn how to add a translation components of a tile or a tile group. The language(s) into which you want to translate have to be selected in the launchpad.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Administration and click Translation.

    Result: The table of available launchpads opens.

  2. Click on the launchpad that includes objects you want to translate.

  3. In Language, select one or more languages you want to translate into.

    Result: All artifacts in the launchpad that can be translated are displayed.

    If the desired language does not show up here, you have to enable it in the settings of your launchpad.
  4. Translate the artifact.

    1. Enter your translation manually in the Translate to field.

    2. Select the object you want to translate and click Google Translate to generate an automatic translation.

      This requires a Google API Key which is placed in Custom Settings
  5. Click Save to save your translations.


  • You have translated tiles and tile groups of your launchpad.