Create a documentation for an application

In this topic, you learn how to add and create a documentation for an application.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Development and click Documentation.

    Result: A table with all documentations for applications appears.

  2. Click Add.

    Result: The documentation settings window opens.

  3. Select the Application from the dialog for which you want to write a documentation.

  4. Assign the documentation to a package of artifacts in Package.

  5. Navigate to the Content tab.

  6. Click + in the documentation overview pane to add a new documentation for your complete application or context help for one element in your application.

  7. In the documentation details pane, enter a Title and an Introduction for your documentation.

  8. In Context Aware Help, you can decide if your documentation shall only be visible for one part of your application.

    1. Click the icon in Context Aware Help. Result: A new dialog with the structure of your application opens.

    2. Click the element that you want to activate the context aware help for. Only components marked in green can be assigned a context aware help.

  9. You can select an Icon from the media library that serves as your documentation icon.

  10. In Dialog, you can adjust the size of the dialog in which the documentation appears.

  11. In the Documentation editing pane, you can write and edit the text of your documentation.

  12. Click Save.


  • You have added the documentation for your application or parts of your application.