Delete a package and its artifacts

In this topic, you learn about the two distinct delete functions within the package tool.

One deletes the package, and the other deletes the package and all artifacts assigned to the package.

development package add


  • You have made or imported a package.


  1. In the Cockpit, go to Development and click Development Package.

    Result: A table with all packages opens.

  2. Select one.

    Result: The package window opens.

  3. Click Edit mode.

You will then have visibility of the delete buttons:

package delete

The "Delete Package and Artifacts" will remove the package and all artifacts that are assigned to the package from the system.

The delete button to the left, will just delete the package and subsequently all artifacts assigned to that package will lose the association. They maintain the deleted package ID, so if re-imported, will be associated with this identical package.

This delete process can not be undone.
If the package has been pushed to GitHub via the CI/CD tooling, it will not be deleted there.


  • You have deleted the package and optionally its artifacts.