Configure the layout of your tile

In this topic, you learn how to configure the layout of your tile.



  1. In the Layout section, you define the general layout of your tile and how it is displayed on the launchpad, including background, width, height and more.

  2. In the Background Color section, you can select a range of colors from a color palette.

  3. In the Background Shade section, you can adjust the opacity of the background color

  4. In the Width and Height sections, you can define the size of the tile.

  5. In StyleClass, you add a custom style class. You can declare the style of that class in the Layout of your launchpad.

  6. In Tile Icon / Image you can add a custom image or a default icon as an icon on the tile.

  7. In the Tile Background Image section, you can choose and configure a background image for your tile.

  8. In the Hide Tile On section, you can decide whether your tile should not be displayed on a certain device.

  9. In the Hide Launchpad Header On section, you can decide whether the header of the launchpad should be hidden on a certain device after the tile opens an application.

  10. In the Open Button section, you define what text or which icon is displayed on the start button of the tile.

  11. Click Save.


  • You have configured the layout of your tile.

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