Further configure your tile

In this topic, you learn how to further configure your tile, including the sidepanel, navigation, documentation, role, and translation.




Select an application to be displayed in the side panel of your tile. If your tile already opens an application, the side panel will open on the right with your selected app.

tile sidepanel


In the Navigation tab, you can define semantic objects and actions that are performed on these objects. Semantic objects can be business entities, for example, customer or employee. These objects will be reflected in the URL. For instance: https://your-domain/launchpad/your-launchpad#FieldWorkers-WorkerAction

with FieldWorkers being the Semantic Object and WorkerAction the Action.

In the Limit Browser Support section of the Navigation tab, you can select specific browsers that should be supported.


Enable documentation for a tile. Add information, media and documentation and have the content available on the tile when pressing the Question Mark button.

Enabling Enable Tile Help will make the button visible in the bottom of the tile.


You can specify that your tile should only be visible to users with a specific role.


Add a translation for the title, subtitle, description, status, and open button in a language of your choice. You need to select the same language on the launchpad to see your translation.


See in which tile group the tile is used.


  • You have further configured your tile.