Database and Storage tab

If you are running on Neptune DXP Cloud, then the Database tab will not be available.


You can connect to the following databases:

  • SQLite

  • PostgreSQL


  • MS SQL Server

SQLite is not supported for use in production systems.

Connect to an existing Redis server. This will allow you to use the tool Events.


You can select a storage target for the relevant tool.

If you are running on Neptune DXP Cloud, then the Storage tab will not be available.

The tools that can be selected are:

  • Media Library

  • Mobile Client

  • PDF Designer

  • Overview (Workflow). This is the GOS Storage Type which stores workflow attachments.

The storage type can be one of the following for each relative tool:

  • Database

  • Azure Blob

  • File system

Prior to changing the storage location, make sure to export all your files from the selected tool. After the storage location is modified, any existing files will be deleted, and upon re-uploading, they will be saved in your newly chosen storage destination.
Changing the storage destination and following the export and re-import process detailed above, will not disrupt the functioning of applications that depend on these files, such as Media Library files. The same URLs utilized.