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The Neptune DXP Marketplace replaces the Store within the Cockpit of the Neptune DXP - Open Edition.

Currently, the Neptune DXP Marketplace is accessible in Neptune DXP - Open Edition, Neptune DXP - SAP Edition and in through the Neptune DXP Portal. All items found in the Neptune DXP Marketplace can only be downloaded through your Neptune product and not from the Neptune DXP Portal.

marketplace access

The Neptune DXP Marketplace is the place to find and install application building blocks to make the design, assembly, and operation of digital solutions as easy and fast as possible.

The Neptune DXP Marketplace contains, for example, public and private catalogs of solutions and application building blocks:

  • Public catalogs are visible to everyone.

  • Private catalogs are only visible to members of the Neptune DXP Portal account which owns it.

marketplace Types

A number of types of products can be installed directly into the DXP runtime.

Open the Neptune DXP Marketplace within Neptune DXP - Open Edition, select a product, and click Install. The Neptune DXP Marketplace installs a package of artifacts into the Neptune DXP - Open Edition.

For example, application building blocks install a package of artifacts into the Neptune DXP - Open Edition and install an app, class and/or tile into the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition.

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The following is an example of currently available application building blocks:

marketplace ABBPreview

Neptune DXP Marketplace categories

Application building blocks

Application building blocks are pre-built sections of user interfaces or logic that can be easily added to any application to accelerate the development process. They serve as ready-made artifacts that help speed up the implementation of UI elements and logic in applications.

An application building block may also be more comprehensive, such as an entire template that can be used as is or built upon.

App Builder applications

This category contains applications that are published directly from the App Builder - in the Neptune DXP Portal. These can be installed directly into your instance.


In Solutions, you will find an ecosystem of pre-built partner solutions, ranging from warehouse management to HR portals and other business processes. Most Solutions are view only as the applications and/or services provided by our Partners, however, some are made by Neptune and available to install.

SAP Templates

An SAP template is a preconfigured application and/or class that streamlines and speeds up the implementation and integration of SAP processes, helping reduce time and costs while ensuring consistency and faster deployment. These templates are only available to install into the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition.

Code Snippets

In Code Snippets, you can install code snippets that you can use in the App Designer and the Script Editor. For more information check Code Snippets


The Neptune DXP core can be enhanced with additional functionality through the use of an Add-on. An add-on serves as an extra tool that can be installed on top of the core system, providing users with supplementary features and capabilities, that can be utilised within the Cockpit.


In eLearning you will find learning content about the Neptune DXP. Content ranges from tutorials and guides to Community blogs and documentation.