Settings on SQL Server Management Studio and SQl Server Configuration Manager



  1. Open SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and under Object Explorer, expand Security

  2. Right click on Logins, create a New Login and enter a username and a password

  3. Beneath General, located in the left bar, click Server Roles and enable public

  4. Create a new database by right-clicking on Databases. Name it planet9 (keep all options on default)

  5. Create a new user under planet9 from Database > Security > Users and give the user that was created in the above steps:

    ms sql database user
  6. Under Owned Schemas, set the following parameters:

    ms sql schemas
  7. Under Membership, set the following:

    ms sql membership
  8. Create a new Schema under the planet9 database and name it planet9:

    ms sql new schema
  9. Search for Schema owner. In the below picture we are adding the same user that we created under Databases:

    ms sql new schema
  10. Set the Server Authentication :

    ms sql server authentication first
    ms sql server authentication second
  11. Restart the server

Last steps:

You can now, test the connection to the SQL Server with the demosql user.

  1. Open the SQl Server Configuration Manager and enable TCP/IP for the SQL Server by right-clicking on TCP/IP

  2. After the previous step, go back to SSMS and restart the server


  • Provided that all the information is accurate, you shall be duly connected to the SQL Server utilizing the demosql user