Neptune DXP - Open Edition 23.10.2

App Designer

  • Fix: Going directly to edit mode no longer incorrectly shows the app as locked

  • Fix: Apps imported from a Development Package should now show an active "Run" button without having to activate the app

  • Fix: Typing the model path directly for a table/list caused the wizard not to work for that object

  • Fix: Opening Model Source binding would sometimes show an unrelated binding

Development Packages

  • Fix: Opening an artifact that was opened in a new tab/window no longer leaves hash navigation parameters in the URL


  • Fix: Opening an app tile may cause an error, causing the page to blank out. In such cases we will now recreate the page

  • Fix: The back button did not navigate back to the home page if the loaded tile contained a JavaScript error

  • Show tile errors in a Dialog, instead of a MessageBox. It helps users pick up serious tile errors, without having to check the console

  • Fix: Background images with URLs containing an absolute path with domain name were not loading as tile backgrounds

Audit Log

  • When creating a new role the audit log object id is set to role id and action is set to 'Create'

  • Fix: Certificate private key is no longer saved to the audit log when saving a certificate

  • Create audit log record if group or role assignment is updated on user login

PDF Designer

  • The resizeEmpty property on image elements now defaults to true

  • Binding data will now honour boolean values instead of converting them to strings

  • Fix: PDF preview no longer disappears when activating the PDF

  • Added button to export PDF interface to JSON

Lock Entries

  • Fix: Previously, if a user’s name was empty, the locked user record displayed an empty column. Now, we prioritize displaying the username instead of the name, as the latter can refer to multiple users

  • Fix: Script lock is deleted when script is deleted

  • Fix: Name missing on lock record when creating a new script

  • Fix: After saving a new user the user record would be in edit mode but no lock record would be created

Deployment Log

  • Fix: Importing a .planet9 file that contained Script Groups that do not exist in the target system no longer causes an error


  • If SSL is not enabled but SameSite set to 'None' SameSite will revert to Strict as it won’t be possible to log in with SameSite:'None' enabled

  • The SSL key is no longer stored in the config.json file; it is now stored exclusively in the database

Core APIs

  • Security Group data fetched from /api/functions/Department/Get will only contain a subset of user data. Instead of all user data it will only return 'id', 'locked', 'username', 'name', 'email', 'updatedAt', 'changedBy', 'admin', 'idpSource' and 'lastLogin'

Cockpit Applications

  • When using OAuth 2.0 in Proxy Authentication, the body is no longer an input string; instead, it is a list with keys and values, where the values can be encrypted

  • Fix: Loading the user app directly would throw a TypeError

  • Fix: Launchpad Layout CSS no longer gets applied to the Cockpit app when previewing the launchpad layout

  • Update function parameters under Custom Script inside Authentication > Microsoft Entra ID


  • Added Highcharts dashboards under /public/highsuite/dashboards/ i.e. /public/highsuite/dashboards/dashboards.js

  • Fix: username and password would display on the login page after disabling local authentication, despite the active login type not requiring a username or password

  • Fix: Passing uuid string to entities.tableName.findOne('uuid') to fetch record with id === 'uuid' would throw an error

  • Fix: Server would throw error when generating activation code for external users

  • Fix: Migration errors would not be logged to log file

  • Disable SPNEGO on SAP Edition Authentication logon url

  • Fix: Cockpit and login backgrounds now respect the custom images set in Custom Settings