Neptune DXP - Open Edition 23.10.4


  • Fix: Being unable to connect to no longer stops apps from loading if Naia is enabled


  • Fix: The cockpit tools now reflect the corresponding ACL in their application view, allowing/disallowing creating and editing artifacts accordingly in Development Package, Theme Import, API Designer, and Remote Systems.

PDF Designer

  • Fix: The search filter is properly cleared when opening the Open App dialog

  • Fix: Safeguard against creating PDFs with duplicate or overly long names

  • Enhancement: When saving a PDF linked to a package that doesn’t exist, the link will be removed and the PDF will be saved anyway.

Script Editor

  • Fix: Global Script icon now shows under Resources

  • Fix: Don’t get all scripts on server when selecting NO PROJECT as project

  • Feature: Show properties context menu for global scripts

  • Fix: Prevent adding scripts to a folder in the global section

NPM Modules

  • Enhancement: Added input field to provide install parameters when installing an npm module

Table Definition

  • Enhancement: Added a checkbox to Boolean fields for setting their field value as default

API Designer

  • Enhancement: Validate forward proxy URL on save

  • Feature: Re-introduce path setting when using Swagger 2.0

Mobile Client

  • Fix: Do not send params, header, or data if they are empty. It causes API calls to SAP to fail

  • Fix: AfterLogout enhancement runs upon logout

  • Feature: You can change the value Scheme/Hostname in Mobile App Settings

Adaptive Templates

  • Feature: You can customize the number of decimals and the decimal separator using the "Custom Decimals" formatting option


  • Fix: Allow OIDC IDP logout from the login page

  • Fix: Nonexistent or invalid LDAP configuration for user or groups mapping can result in user not being able to log in


  • Fix: Continue server process startup if registering OpenID strategy fails

  • Fix: When a global script failed to load during startup, API server scripts that depend on the global script received an empty object as its reference. Now, we attempt to reload the global script on the fly if a specified amount of time has passed since the last reload attempt

  • Fix: The environment variable P9_MAX_LOG_FILE_SIZE was not respected. Occasionally, the log file size would significantly surpass the limit set by the environment variable before rotating

  • Fix: Using console.log({…​}) in a server script executed from the script editor resulted in system error logs displaying the message 'Error parsing json' when JSON logging was enabled

  • Enhancement: Customization of server responses for 403 (Forbidden), 404 (Not Found), and 500 (Internal Server Error) status codes - Previously, default HTML templates were returned. Now, it is possible to return an application instead. This can be configured in Custom Settings > Layout

  • Enhancement: Weak ETag response headers for /media requests enable clients to utilize cached file versions